par Luca Mailhol

Recording the original soundtrack with La Ruche

Some news from the post-production of Words of Clay.


Electified layers-of-sound…

A few days ago, we recorded the soundtrack of the film with the band La Ruche. The whole fable-part being silent, we had from the beginning the desire to accompany it with music. With Charline, we imagined a work of sound layers, inspired by the classics of ambient or progressive music. A work up the alley of our friends from La Ruche, a drone band from Dijon.

The group brings together Geoffrey on guitar, Tom on bass, Kevin on keyboards and percussion and Nicolas on hurdy-gurdy.

We scheduled a recording session at the Ateliers du Cinéma in Beaune where we recorded some of the compositions live on the film footage. A beautiful experience punctuated with providential moments of improvisation.


We are delighted with the result and the work done by the group, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them again, as well as Sam who took care of the recording and who delivered high quality sound tracks.

The day was filmed and will be the subject of a short video that we will publish soon. In the meantime, you can find La Ruche on bandcamp. And if you don’t know their association, L’EngeanceFollow them!

[Bonus] For amateurs, a little list of tunes that were part of the musical inspirations (not shared with the band, by the way). It’s not only ambient but it gives a color.

Kleiner Krieger - Popol Vuh / Bruder des Schattens - Popol Vuh / Jail-House Frog - Amon Düül II / In the Fog I - Tim Hecker / The Heavenly Music Corporation I - Robert Fripp et Brian Eno / Strength of Strings - Gene Clark / Punkrockaren - Träd Gräs & Stenar / Smoke and Mirrors - Kikagaru Moyo / Arcadian Flowers - Trummor & Orgel