par Luca Mailhol

End of shooting for Words of Clay

End of shooting for Words of Clay, the project we’ve been working on with Charline for almost a year now.

Charline et Luca

Looking back over the past weeks

Since one part of the film is set in a fable universe and the other in reality, the film was done in two parts over a three-week period. We decided to separate these moments to treat them as two separate shoots. This allowed us to have a few extra days of preparation and crew rotation before going into the reality.

Charline et Luca

After some time of set design preparation and three days of installation in the studio, we started filming from November 8th to 11th. The moment when almost a year’s worth of writing, ideas and questions suddenly became a reality… We followed this up with several days of preparation that led us to November 18, the first day of the reality-part shooting. It ended on November 22nd with the recording of the voice over of our lead actress. Finally, we recorded the last images of the film last Thursday. Back to the studio, in teams of three this time.

And now

What comes out of all this is a huge thank you to everyone who made this project possible. The actors, the teams, our partners, the various supporters, the Ulule contributors… Many people participated in Words of Clay at many different levels. We will soon have the opportunity to publish the first credits.

The editing station is now almost operational and the post-production phase is about to begin. The film is scheduled for release in March 2020. We have set up this site to share the progress of the project as we go along. In addition, we will eventually share a few annotations, resources, technical information… So don’t hesitate to come back from time to time! To start, you can access some set photographs made by Thai-Binh Phan-Van.

See you soon.